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a genuine bug: dying during the gun-run corrupts its first layer's pattern until it has become all guns fire at once. forcing a full restart just to try again.

and it seems that the delay between the vertical turrets and the horizontal turrets of the third layer of the gun-run has been shortened, making it impossible to reach the other side before the bullets, forcing one to 'ride' the bullets until death

Thanks again, the turret desync issue has been fixed.

The timings for the 3rd bullet run segment are tight but weren't changed, instead another issue of knockback occurring during the invulnerability you get after being hit was fixed, this solves the issues on the 3rd bullet run.

Thanks for comments and I hope you enjoy.

unreachable platform(s) on first part of 'towerstone' section.

third platform left, blocks jump to third platform right from second platform left.

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for your feedback. That jump is actually possible but, I would agree, definitely too hard. A newer version fixing the map faults such as that one has been made and uploaded.